The Groves and Vineyards of California


Join us as we take a virtual journey through the vineyards and olive groves of Northern California.  Home to the Sacramento Valley, Napa Valley and Sonoma, we will explore the area through some of its award-winning olive oils and wines and share some of the ways you can experience them in person.  

The Majestic Rivers of Europe


In this series, we will sail down a different river of Europe each week aboard some of the most luxurious river cruises in the world.  From special interest themes such as wine, golf and craft beer to cultural experiences such as the renown Christmas Markets,  we will discuss how our clients experience the interior of Europe in a way a tour bus or ocean cruise isn't able to.  

Heritage Travel


With the rise in popularity of AncestryDNA and shows such as "Finding Your Roots" and "Who Do You Think You Are", heritage travel has seen a surge in recent years.  We'll share different ways that our clients can explore their heritage on a customized tour, connect with international genealogists and perhaps even connect with a long lost relative. 

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