Top Six Reasons Why You Don't Want to Book Travel Without a Travel Advisor


You pay the same whether you use a travel advisor or book direct.  But when you book direct, the supplier keeps the money, and you do all the work.


Have you ever had to wait on hold with an online travel site's customer service?  Having a personal travel advisor saves you time and stress.  And how many call center agents give you their cell phone numbers?


The average traveler spends 40 hours researching a new destination.  What if you had an expert you could contact who already knows the answers? Like any professional advisor, they really do know more than the average consumer. 


Travel advisors advocate for their clients and have established relationships with cruise lines, hotels and tour operators. If something goes wrong, it only takes one phone call to a travel advisor to get things started.


Travel advisors often save you money, and if not, they add extra value.  They also have access to extra perks and discounts not available to the public. 


Travel is constantly changing and your travel advisor stays informed of the latest updates. Do you know the latest rule from the DOT about airfare refunds? Your travel advisor does.